Merry go Britain

Just a few days left until the referendum on wether or not the UK should stay within the EU will be held. That thankfully will bring an end to the stream of biased media-coverage on this issue, but I fear it just gives room for the next issue to be put on bias, then.

Polarising the people should be made a crime with severe punishment, especially when it’s done by mass-media. People who don’t want to be polarised do face the danger of becoming entranched between the wheels, to the extend that the stirring of we versus they can be seen as one of the main reasons for the increase in extremism over the last years, where the rise of right-wing (so called) populists is a follow-up, not the source.

Another reason is, to some extend, the rise of dissatisfaction with the actual situation within the EU, not only in Greece or Spain, but also in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany, including west. Also growing are the numbers of people getting suspicious about the EU policy on Greece, borders, lobbyism, Russia, the relationship with the US and so on. And of course, only a minority of the critics is in any way extremists and/or right-wing.

Percentages differ, of course, but a rise there is, nonetheless. Although I don’t want to put the blame for everything on the EU itself, the union obviously fails to appropriately take care of the issues. What it did do was to spent money on measures to increase support for their approach, and ever increasing the amounts once recognising that it did not work as expected, just to push through an agenda of policies who are said to be without an alternative. The money spent on polls and articles to raise the public opinion could have been brought to work in a more sophisticated and more useful manner – even more so when the near 25% of citizens living under precarious conditions within the very same EU is brought into considerations.

The same behaviour of modelling the narrative, I fear, will also be true when it’s on the EU-institutions itself to reform. I absolutely fail to see any hint on willingness to do so, so my guess is there is zero chance on internal reforms unless the EU-institutions itself are facing a severe risk of a breaking-up.

Therefore my opinion on the issue is contrary to the otherwise honoured Mrs. Coppola and I propose to vote leave, which is not exactly a life-boat-decision to depart from a sinking Titanic but which does give the option to tug the dreamliner out of the dangerous waters it currently ships through.


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