Money madness part 1

Money, money, money…

It doesn’t make the world go ‚round but it lets you spin the wheels, making you a part of the mechanism that makes the world go round. You don’t really have a choice unless you abruptly leave the cage.

In the follow-up I won’t tell you the difference of souvereign-money and debt/fiat-money, nor do I tell you to buy gold or something else that is thought to be of real value. I do think that most people don’t have enough money to just leave their cage, saying ‚o.k., it’s enough, let them bastards eat themselve…‘

So, usually you’re someone that still needs to live and have enough to eat, a place to live, maybe you have a family and maybe you have an aim in your live, trying to generate enough income to make ends need. This is tough, really. Most people fail on having a real aim, something that gives sense to live, something that would leave a mark in history, something that gives you sufficient reason to say: I was somehow important. Hence, most people already fail to remember the dreams they had being a child and not every dream is unrealistic. You may just try to remember, but cautious: It could lead to utter sadness.

But let’s see where the possible reasons are for the actual catch22 and let’s see if there are possible solutions or at least a way out. Since I’m usually philosophical in nature, something that is actually heavily undervalued within the daily routine, I will lack to give you sufficient prove of the points I make, but there are bucket-loads of information available on the Internet. A scientific approach eats an enormous amount of time checking facts, ditching fiction, double-check everything and so on. Sartre, Kierkegaard, Kant (authors you should dig into at least a little bit) just put their thoughts on paper, somehow brilliant, sometimes discussable and sometimes way-off reality. You should allow me to do the very same, since I won’t try to sell you ‚the final truth‘ nor will I promise you a bargain on the new snake-oil. But beware, I will effectively try to put the world upside down.

Money is debt!

Money is debt. You may have heard it and it is one, maybe even the mayor reason for the mess we’re in. Anything called money out there does have the same amount of debt on the other side. There can’t be a doubt that those on the debtor side are in the weak position compared to the creditors, especially if viewed from the micro-economical stance, the position of the individual. There’s of course some difference to macro-economical views which will be described later on but you usually have to live within usual parameters, meaning that if you make use of a credit you have to pay for it and it is thought that you pay back the credit you took. So, years come and go, you pay-out the credit and you pay the rent, take another credit because you switch homes or buy a new car or whatever and you find yourself again being a debtor like you were a debtor years ago. Usually your credit amount is a lot higher now than it was before but the rent is still payable somehow. Maybe your living standard has increased and you’re able to buy all these new gadgets the market is almost throwing at you, but you’re still a debtor – and that is no co-incidence, it’s absolutely following the script, and it’s the happy version of this script. It’s not that hard to imagine the not-so-happy version where people aren’t able to pay the rent on the credits they took.

I just noted that credit which grows over the years is according to the script-book, and it’s very logical because growing debt on the debtors-side does mean a growing amount on the opposite side, more money flowing around is synonymous to growth. It’s almost a perpetual-mobile until it breaks, and it’s busy doing just that actually. It’s not happening out of nothing, it’s an effect that started years ago and all these measures to keep that mobile going like cutting interest rates, inflating growth by including imaginatory values, pouring money over the heads of banks and corporations, putting people into debt before they even got a job like it is actually done with study-loans and so on, it all will fail miserably if policies and views don’t change. And, if it doesn’t change quickly we’ll end up with more than a revolution, we’ll face a world-war again with an unimaginable destructive power.


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